Intercultural Training

"One culture is not better than any other – only different from all the rest. Simple though it sounds, this is not an easy message to get across."

Doing international business successfully in another cultural environment means more than just being able to speak the language. Today, intercultural competence is a prerequisite for success.
Choose from different intercultural training programs to fit your needs:

Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Trainings aim to recognize and value cultural differences and use the sum of its parts to become more confident and efficient in the global business environment.

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Culture Specific Training

In my culture specific trainings my philosophy is to share my personal experience. In more than 15 years of living & working in the US and the UK, in India and Asia with English speaking clients, I have gained a profound knowledge that allows me to specialize in culture specific trainings. Therefore I can give you deep insights of culture first hand for the USA and UK. My training sessions are “tailored” specifically to your needs!

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Welcome to Germany Training

A culture specific program to accelerate the smooth transition of international assignees and their families into their new communities and work environments in Germany, to better understand the German culture, in English language.
Wouldn't it be interesting to know more about "how the Germans tick"?

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