About me

As an intercultural trainer, coach and consultant, I am known to be efficient, reliable and respectful, I make things happen, I am persistent and clear in my intentions. I have a “felt” sense of creativity, openness, curiosity and the courage to build bridges. My philosophy is “to pass on personal experience as the best training method”. My training and coaching participants are challenged and empowered to improve their communication skills, find solutions to intercultural conflicts and to be better able to deal with the unexpected in a foreign culture.

Take advantage of my experience

I am:

  • trustworthy & reliable,
  • responsible & accountable,
  • clear in my intentions,
  • engaged in many projects,
  • able to work well under pressure,
  • communicative,
  • able to create trust in teams,
  • a team player,
  • willing to travel to my customer’s location(s),
  • a good networker,
  • up-to-date on the latest theories of intercultural matters.

All this for your advantage!

Continuous personal growth infuses my life and my work

My constant further education is your assurance of quality in all trainings.

My achievements:

  • Trainer/Coach in Intercultural Business Communication at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena,
  • Certificate in Intercultural Competence & Academic Credit in Intercultural Communication at University of the Pacific in Portland, Oregon, USA,
  • Certificate for organizational development and Systemic Coach, (SBC®), Munich,
  • Certificates for conflict management, presentation skills, facilitation of business meetings,
  • virtual team work, establishing trust in international teams, leadership skills and change management.

My experience of:

  • fifteen years of living and working in different countries,
  • having been head of congress coordination of the last SIETAR Europa, congress in Kraków in September 2011,
    (SIETAR Kongress Krakow September 2011,),
  • lectures and workshops presented at several SIETAR Europa congresses, for the Junior Chamber of Commerce, at the International Summer Academy in Jena, at the University of Applied Science in Vienna Neustadt, as well as the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich,
  • virtual publications at the Delta Intercultural Academy,
  • the publication of my book: “Business Know How USA”,
  • a chapter on the current status of intercultural training with co-author Prof. Nikola Hale, in SIETAR Scientific Series, (in publication).

My personal skills:

  • a passion to share my knowledge to build thriving, successful international teams,
  • innovative & creative leadership ideas,
  • clear and thorough approach to training,
  • practical orientation and imparting these skills and experience in "experimental" and outdoor training exercises,
  • languages: German (native), English (fluent) and French (fluent).

My goals are:

  • to help you to gain new perspectives,
  • to make you aware of the complexity of intercultural competence,
  • to find with you solutions to your intercultural challenges,
  • to help you to avoid invisible disadvantages,
  • to empower management decision making skills,
  • to achieve best results using a systemic approach,
  • to ease your transition to a new culture,
  • to help managers to develop new strategies for international activities,
  • to support teams in building a solid base for successful change,
  • to increase your self-confidence,
  • to help you find ways to strengthen your international reputation,
  • to help you find lasting solutions for complex intercultural challenges.

All in all, my goal is your success

Your development of increased intercultural competence and thus your competitive advantage in your international business endeavours.