Facilitating, communicating & organizing events for large audiences

Over the years I have gained international experience in facilitating, moderating & organizing events for large multicultural audiences.
Look at the website www.sietareu.org/congress-2011 about my latest and biggest facilitating project in the year 2011. I was responsible for SIETAR Europa (Society of Intercultural Education Training and Research) for the coordination of the SIETAR Europa congress with more than 50 presentations and close to 400 participants in Kraków in September.
“As our congress coordinator, Sabine showed an extraordinary talent in organizing all the ins and outs of our SIETAR Congress in Krakow, September 2011. Due to her detailed knowledge of congressional events and energetic professionalism, SIETAR Europa was able to put on what many participants called "an exceptionally well organized and fascinating congress". She is, without a doubt, a born organizer. I can highly recommend her for similar type of event.” (October 2011, Patrick Schmidt, president of SIETAR Europa).

World Café

A World Café is a network of people & dialogues, a tremendous way to evoke curiosity, support creativity & inspire a large group of people to share freely insights of different cultural behaviour. I have developed this “experiment for getting multicultural insights by chance” with groups of 250 people. It is a fabulous opportunity to share insights & learning, tap into collective wisdom, allowing new possibilities to emerge, communicate visions and reveal different perspectives in a warm atmosphere. I believe with such an event sustainable understanding of a higher quality will be achieved. It is a place to discuss burning questions and initiate the exchange of experiences. It is a platform for everyone to contribute, set the scene to network, open out and expand innovative ideas and have lots of fun!
The purpose is to combine collective experiences and generate space for reflection. We start evoking curiosity, support creativity, inspire to share freely insights of different cultural behavior. Small group discussions sitting on different coffee tables each for about 15 minutes will be arranged. The results of each group discussion will be written on the paper table cloth and will be shared afterwards in the whole group. Participants will move from one table to the next and a new round will start with a new question. At the end all participants will have knowledge about what discussion was going on on other tables where they even haven’t participated in the discussion.

This method is an open, courageous, goal orientated, inspiring, motivating method, to create trust! In any case the participants grow through the experience!

In cooperation with Dr. Heike Pfitzner I presented a World Café at SIETAR global Congress in Granada