Personal Leadership

"Is a program for developing cultural sensitivity in the workplace and enhancing effective communication and work efficiencies."

Consisting of a framework of two principles and six practices and augmented by a process technology called the Critical Moment Dialogue.
Personal Leadership (PL) offers participants a chance to assess how they respond to ambiguous situations, decision points and conflict.
Personal Leadership provides a step-by-step process for taking charge of your own reactions and becoming aware of your own judgments, emotions and physical sensations, resulting in greater clarity and resolve in determining the best options – especially in situations of conflict and change.
Sabine Wagner is a practitioner of Personal Leadership and can provide participants with a understanding of the PL principles and practices. It will help them develop a personal vision statement they can use as a guideline for being more effective and fulfilled in what they do, and give them an opportunity to apply the methodology in situations of conflict or change at work.

Wondering if Personal Leadership Seminars would be useful 
for you? Do you want to:

  • maximize your competence when working with colleagues whose values, beliefs, communication styles, and even worldview orientations may be significantly different from your own?
  • deepen your capacity to build powerful interpersonal relationships with people from a broad variety of cultural backgrounds?
  • leverage the creative potential that inherently exists whenever you are faced with the new and unfamiliar—be it in the form of a person, project, or place?
  • stay open to inspiration even in the midst of uncertainty and constant change?

Come and join us: choose from spring in the north/Berlin or summer in the South/Munich. Please find more details

The seminars are only held in English language.