Business Know-how USA (Eastcoast)

It was first published by the Redline Wirtschafts Verlag, now you can get it from the Münchner Verlagsgruppe GmbH. To order, please contact me directly and a book is immediately on the way.

Der Begleiter für ihre Geschäftsreise,der Wegweiser für Global Players:

The book is currently available in German only. A person travelling on business in the U.S. needs more than professional business knowledge. A basic understanding of American culture and communication is required for success. Author Sabine Wagner, a cultural multitalent, delivers valuable insights into business customs, business culture facts and soft topics, which provide the basis for successful business dealings in the U.S. The most important "Do's and Don'ts" and a special chapter on the "Big Apple" make this book required reading for the business traveller on their way to New York or anywhere else on the “East Coast".

  • Competence-building tips on how to behave when doing business in America
  • Practical extra chapter on the most important American business cities
  • A list of idiomatic business expressions and abbreviations to improve your working knowledge of English
  • Handy format, fits easily into your jacket pocket, purse or notebook case